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Local Cat Rescue

We are a local cat rescue in Devon, UK working predominantly with stray cats who, through no fault of their own, cannot easily be housed. Because of this, most other charities cannot give these cats the help that they so desperately need. That's where we come in.

Hector's House is formed of volunteers who have experience working with cat rescues but have a passion for the strays. In Devon especially, there are some great local charities who do amazing work to help all animals who need it. Unfortunately, because of the huge demand for these charities, strays can sometimes fall through the gap.

Our aim is to help where no one else can!

What we do

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Rescue outreach

Through several years of training and experience our team of volunteers respond day and night to calls from the public concerning the welfare of cats. We often spend hours patiently working to rescue the strays.

We are based in Torbay but rescue cats in and around Devon

Veterinary Care

Each cat that comes to us requires veterinary care. We ensure all cats receive a health check, neuter and further treatment if necessary at local veterinary practices. This is all funded through charitable donations


Unfortunately, many cats who have spent some time straying may need a bit of time to adjust to being looked after.

We have purpose-built cat pens installed where these cats can have their own space to settle where they are fed and warm.

We also have volunteers who spend time with the cats, sitting patiently, gradually building the cats' trust. It is always amazing how quickly they come out of their shells and are able to enjoy life again. Seeing a previously stray cat playing is always a heartwarming moment.  

Equipment and Facilities

Since becoming our own entity, we have managed to fund the build of 9 cat pens. These pens are perfect for the unneutered boys, as they are in their own space with food, shelter and warmth.

For rescuing the strays, an essential piece of equipment is the cat trap. These are specially designed and built to ensure the safe and successful rescue of stray cats.

As well as these most essential pieces of equipment, the charity relies on maintaining a suitable quantity of cat carriers, towels, blankets, toys and food. 


When our cats are rehabilitated, happy and healthy, we search to find their forever homes. This is the most rewarding part of the work we do. Working with scared, unhappy and hungry cats until they are themselves once again is priceless.

Help & Advice

At Hector's House we are always available to answer any questions and provide you with any advice. Please visit the 'Contact Us' section to get in touch!

Meet the team

All of the roles at Hector's House Cat Rescue are 100% volunteer-based.


Founder, Trustee

Zara is the founder of Hector's House and manages the rescue outreach, care and rehabilitation of all cats that come into our care. 

"Since my darling boy Hector went missing in 2018 I have become increasingly involved in cat rescue by working with local charities. One constant issue was the lack of space for unneutered Toms. In order to help these boys, I decided to ensure that no cat suffers unnecessarily, through no fault of their own."



June is very experienced with cat rescue, and specialises in cat behaviour. Despite not living locally to Hector's House, June is always available to provide advice and support.


Trustee, volunteer

Hazel has supported Hector's House for some time, and provides crucial support for the cats during their rehabilitation. Hazel has become a trustee of Hector's House, and brings her great technical skills with her.


Trustee, Fundraising Coordinator

Elaine has been with the charity for a while and leads our fundraising team. This provides crucial financial support to cover vet bills, food, litter and all costs associated with caring for the cats.


Trustee, volunteer

Ed has been appointed a trustee of the charity and heads up the maintenance of the on-site pens, as well volunteering with the cats.


Trustee, volunteer

Kitty manages the charity's technical side, including charity policies and procedures.

We also have 22 pen volunteers (cleaning, feeding, socialising cats), 24 fosterers (temporarily homing the cats until they're ready for their forever homes), 8 fundraising volunteers and 4 general support volunteers. 

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