Welcome to Hector's House Cat Rescue

A local Devon animal rescue working to rescue and rehabilitate stray cats alongside other local charities  

Registered charity number 1192317

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    At the end of March we were all despairing at just how many cats needed our help. 

    And then we received a telephone call that was about to change the direction of our lives. The long and short of it is that we've been given a legacy....An extremely generous & precious gift. This legacy is for us to find a permanent forever home for Hector's House Cat Rescue.

    We've been searching, and searching.....and searching. It seems that the money we've been given will be enough to provide a forever home for Hector's House as it currently exists, but, we need to be bigger. We need to have more space than our current 9 pens. (We're hoping to double our capacity initially).We need space for storage of food, litter, equipment, carriers, bedding, traps etc. We need space for our free microchipping campaigns. We need space to invite YOU to come and meet the cats and us. We need space to hold educational events. We need space to hold fundraising events. We need space to provide cats now and in the future a place where they'll receive their medical needs met, their behaviour issues resolved, and their perfect forever home found. 

    This isn't to raise money for one cat. This is to provide hundreds/thousands of cats a future...A future free of misery, pain and neglect. Every penny raised will be used towards a permanent site for Hector's House Cat Rescue. How big it is, and how many cats it can take, is down to you. Let's ensure the cats now and in the future will always have Hector's House to rely on.  


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