What We Do
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Rescue outreach

Through several years of training and experience our team of volunteers respond day and night to calls from the public concerning the welfare of cats. We often spend hours patiently working to rescue the strays.

We are based in Torbay but have rescued cats in and around Devon.  

Veterinary Care

Each cat that comes to us requires veterinary care. We ensure all cats receive a health check, vaccinations, neuter and further treatment if necessary at local veterinary practices. This is all funded through charitable donations.



Unfortunately, many cats who have spent some time straying may need a bit of time to adjust to being looked after.

We have purpose-built cat pens installed where these cats can have their own space to settle where they are fed and warm.

We also have volunteers who spend time with the cats, sitting patiently, gradually building the cats' trust. It is always amazing how quickly they come out of their shells and are able to enjoy life again. Seeing a previously stray cat playing is always a heartwarming moment. 

Equipment and Facilities

Since becoming our own entity, we have managed to fund the build of 4 cat pens. These pens are perfect for the unneutered boys, as they are in their own space with food, shelter and warmth.

For rescuing the strays, an essential piece of equipment is the cat trap. These are specially designed and built to ensure the safe and successful rescue of stray cats.

As well as these most essential pieces of equipment, the charity relies on maintaining a suitable quantity of cat carriers, towels, blankets, toys and food. 


When our cats are rehabilitated, happy and healthy, we search to find their forever homes. This is the most rewarding part of the work we do. Working with scared, unhappy and hungry cats until they are themselves once again is priceless.

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