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New pens!


The Garden Home have amazingly restructured the garden area to support 4 pens where there was once only one!

Hello Herbert!


Herbert has come to us after having been straying for a while!

Bronson and Sylvester are two brothers who both have FIV. They are a bonded pair, with lovely temperaments and need to go to a home together.



A mum and kitten had been reported straying in a rubbish pile in Paignton. We managed to trap them both and take them into our care.

Meet Axl


Axl has been causing trouble around the neighbourhood! He is not neutered, and so has been searching for some company!



Minstrel came to us in a very sorry state, and had clearly been struggling for some time.

Spencer came to us full of character! He had arrived on someone's farm, unneutered and causing some trouble!

Hi everyone, Hector's House has featured in a Devon Live article this weekend. Please keep an eye out, and have a read if you're interested in how Hector's House came to be! Link below:

New arrivals!


This weekend we've managed to fill all of our pens, including the 'emergency' pen!