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Hi everyone, Hector's House has featured in a Devon Live article this weekend. Please keep an eye out, and have a read if you're interested in how Hector's House came to be! Link below:

New arrivals!


This weekend we've managed to fill all of our pens, including the 'emergency' pen!

Harvey went to his forever home on Monday 4th January, and is already king of the castle! He had been a long term stray in Exeter, and has developed leaps and bounds! Here's a photo of him in his new home:

Smokey update


Despite trying all we could, unfortunately Smokey went down hill very quickly on 07/01/2021. He had been improving and eating more, however on Thursday he deteriorated and started to struggle to breathe.

On 01/01/2021, Zara ('Foxa') was invited to an interview on BBC Radio Devon, to answer some questions about Hector's House and the work that we do.

New boys of the week are Leonard and Smokey. They were both reported to us as strays, and were incredibly poorly. Leonard had been coming into a shop in Dartmouth for a few weeks, and was reported to us just before Christmas.



Herbie was reported to us as a potential stray, as he was spotted outside a lot in all weathers. One of our volunteers went out to scan him, to check for a microchip, and he was microchipped, but the owners gave him up to us as he didn't get on with the family dog.