What a manic few months!

We haven't managed to post in a while, it's been a very busy few months!

These are the cats we've taken in:

Boris, Otto, Kitty, Tigger, BB, Kara, Thomas, Parker, Spencer, Ava, Fitz, Matty, Patch, Jessie, Piglet, Jack, Ed, Tashi, Mr Tiddles, Gizmo, Lucifer, Theo, Pixie, Arnie, Toby, Pepper, Sterling, Bert, Ted, Frank, Sprinkles, Charlie, Rascal, Boo, Reed, Pirate

All of these cats were either rescued, surrendered to us by their owners, or taken in from other charities. 

They all received vet treatment and are either in foster care or have been rehomed! 

We did however unfortunately lose Sprinkles. He was reported as a stray for around 18 months, and seemed fine. It transpired that he was suffering with various cancers and growths, and the kindest thing was to let him pass away peacefully. If you're ever in doubt about a cat's welfare, don't hesitate to call us out to scan for a microchip. 

Here's to helping more cats.