Lennie and Smokey


New boys of the week are Leonard and Smokey. They were both reported to us as strays, and were incredibly poorly. Leonard had been coming into a shop in Dartmouth for a few weeks, and was reported to us just before Christmas.

When we welcomed Leonard, he was in an absolutely dreadful state. He had abscesses all over his body, and a distended stomach. We took him to the vets after a night of food, warmth and love, but unfortunately it transpired that he was suffering with 'ascites' which is a build up of fluid on the abdomen. 

The vet advised that no amount of money could save Leonard, as the ascites was likely caused by heart/kidney failure, and so the kindest option was to put him out of his pain.  

On a more positive note, Smokey was diagnosed with lung worm, which is highly treatable with medication! He has started his treatment and has moved in with his fosterer until he has fully recovered. 

Unfortunately, it is not always happy endings. But this is what we're here for; to stop the pain and suffering of these poor souls.